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About York

DL Martin has been your resource in the York, PA area for metal fabrication, contract fabrication and manufacturing, and contract assembly services for over 60 years and counting. Our long track record of successfully fulfilling customer needs by clients in York, PA and its environs has made us a well-suited partner for your manufacturing, assembly, and fabrication needs.

York, PA is the 10th largest city in the state with 44,800 residents. Located in South Central Pennsylvania, York was founded in 1741. Also called Yorktown in the early years of its existence, it was a provisional home base for the Continental Congress during the Revolutionary War from late 1777 to mid-1778. The Articles of Confederation were drafted during this time.

Named after York, England, York, PA was first laid out by surveyors around 1741. York County is home to many factories and is often referred to as "The Factory Tour Capital of the World." As the Factory Tour Capital of the World, York, Pennsylvania is host to more than 20 of America's favorite products.

York is a vibrant community with a rich history that is also the host of modern industry. York features remarkable colonial architecture and is famous for the historic Yorktowne Hotel, a landmark that has been a credit to the city since 1925.

York, PA is certainly a bustling community that's known for its industrial heritage and forward-thinking culture. The iconic York Central Market, a historic landmark dating back to 1888, exemplifies the town's dedication to tradition and progress.

Our proximity to this community enables us to easily serve our clients in York as well as extend our services to neighboring regions.

As part of our dedication to serving our clients, we proudly service the York area and beyond.

D.L. Martin's commitment to excellence extends to all facets of our operations. Our East Berlin, PA facility holds the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification, an internationally recognized standard that reflects our dedication to delivering top-quality services while meeting the diverse needs of our clients. At D.L. Martin, we take pride in our contributions to York's thriving industrial landscape and remain committed to providing outstanding contract manufacturing solutions.

Whether your project requires a traditional brake press or possibly even high-speed automated laser cutting, our expert metal fabricators serving the York, PA area are ready to assist. If you're in need of precision metal fabrication, contract manufacturing or fabrication, or contract assembly services and are located near York, PA and beyond, please contact us today at (717) 328-2141 to get an estimate.