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About Harrisburg

Harrisburg's strategic location and diverse regional economy make it a prime area of focus for D.L. Martin's metal fabrication, contract fabrication, contract manufacturing, and contract assembly services. We're proud to serve Harrisburg and the surrounding areas by meeting the requirements of a wide range of industries with precision and expertise.

The history of Harrisburg, the state capital of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, United States, has played a key role in the development of the nation's industrial history from its origins as a trading outpost to the present.

Harrisburg was originally a Native American settlement, prior to the late 17th century. The city began as a settlement called Harris' Ferry, which was established by an English citizen named John Harris in 1718. The city of Harrisburg, PA, was later founded by his son, John Harris, Jr., for whom the city is named.

In the spring of 1785, the town was formally surveyed by William Maclay, who was a son-in-law of John Harris, Sr. In 1791, Harrisburg became incorporated, and in October 1812 it was named the Pennsylvania state capital. Maclay street in Harrisburg was named after William Maclay.

In the early parts of the 19th century, Harrisburg was a stopping point along the Underground Railroad. While Harrisburg proper includes some 50,000 local residents, the region around Harrisburg, including Dauphin and Cumberland Counties, includes over 520,000 people. Known for a wide range of economic activities and industries, from farming to heavy manufacturing, the Capital Region, as it is often called, features one of the most robust and stable economies in the country owing to it economic diversification.

Harrisburg, PA, is not just the state capital, but also a hub of activity and commerce and is also known for the iconic Pennsylvania State Capitol building, a masterful structure adorned with grand domes. As a bustling region, Harrisburg is an ideal locale for businesses seeking growth, innovation, and quality personnel.

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