Hanover Metal Fabrication

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At D.L. Martin Co., we're proud to serve our customers with contract manufacturing for custom metal fabrication. At our facility serving Hanover, PA and across the globe, we work at multiple levels from traditional welding all the way to fabricating high-precision parts suitable for advanced robotic automation.

Hanover, PA, is a city of approximately 15,000 residents and is located just north of the Maryland border. Named after Hannover, a city in Germany, many of its residents today are still of German ancestry.

Our metal fabrication supports many different industries. In the energy and HVAC sectors, we provide bearing spacers, piston sleeves, inlet & discharge housings, as well as motor pedestals to keep our energy production and heating delivery systems working at peak efficiency.

We also work with all sizes and kinds of motor shafts, level 1 components and assemblies to the U.S. government, elevator jacks, and other components to support everything from construction equipment to submarines and aerospace assemblies. High-precision pieces for automated conveyor systems and elevator assemblies are manufactured in our metal fabrication facility serving Hanover, PA and afar.

Our facilities can accommodate the fabrication of custom pieces for most applications. D.L. Martin has high speed automated laser cutting services including nesting and automated material feed from a high capacity tower. From laser to brake press, we can set up automated functions to deliver high quality at a low delivered piece price.

If you're located near Hanover, PA or afar and need professional metal fabrication, then please contact our corporate headquarters at (717) 328-2141.

Hanover Metal Fabrication

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