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SyteLine - Infor Cloud Suite Industrial ERP

Infor Cloud Suite Industrial (ICSI) is a world class, cloud based, Enterprise Resource Planning platform. D. L. Martin is implementing ICSI to modernize it's entire supply chain capability. As part of the implementation of this exciting new technology base, D. L. Martin has also joined the Infor Syteline User Network (SUN).


DriveWorks for variable geometry specification. This technology set enables unique product lines for customers that require extreme variability in product specification.

Trumpf Fiber Laser Cutting Systems

Two Trumpf Laser precision cutting centers with both CO2 and Fiber technology. This equipment set enables a high speed fabrication operation for customers with demanding production requirements. Combined with the DriveWorks variable geometry capabilities (above), customers prefer D. L . Martin in a global setting.

Mazak HCN-10800 CNC Machining Center

Mazak HCN-10800 CNC Machining Center. This equipment and technology set enables the most recent CNC techniques including Active Vibration Control, Smooth Cornering Control, Intelligent Thermal Shield, and Variable Acceleration Control.


CMM precision quality controls using the latest measurement equipment, software and techniques. This equipment and technology set enables satisfaction of the most stringent machining specifications, including Level 1 programs for the U.S. Government.

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