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D.L. Martin incorporates state of the art manufacturing equipment to provide fast, accurate manufacturing of components. Stringent compliance to ISO 9001:2008 is a hallmark of the D.L. Martin way. 

Continuous improvement drives productivity and cost analysis, to provide the best results for customers. Dedicated, modern horizontal machining centers, vertical machining centers, CNC lathe, and centerless grinding capabilities are notable in our geographic area. Machining experience with special materials is a core competency, including Aluminum, Titanium, Inconel, Lexan...

General machining capabilities.

Machining Center Capabilities:
Horizontal Machining Centers
66.9 in.
60.0 in.
Vertical Machining Centers
120.0 in.
32.0 in.
34.0 in.
CNC Lathe Capabilities:
Max. Bar Size:
Vertical Lathes
37.0 in.
33.0 in.
Horizontal Lathes
35.8 in.
125.0 in.
12.5 in.
Horizontal Longbed Lathes
15.0 in.
49.25 in.
CNC Centerless Grinding Capabilities:
Min. Diameter:
Max. Diameter:
ACME Centerless Belt Grinder
1.0 in.
6.0 in.
Min. Length:
Max. Length:
80.0 in.
336.0 in.

For specific, machine by machine information, review the D.L. Martin Co. Machine List.
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For specific, machine by machine information, review the D.L. Martin Co. Machine List.

General Machining Photos

  • Machined Part
  • Another Large Casting
  • Small and Tight Tol. Parts
  • Brass Parts
  • Polycarbonate
  • Latch
  • Large Castings Too!
  • Castings
  • Hub
  • Complex Operations
  • Intricate Machined Parts

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